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Our cabins are smoke-free, so please refrain from smoking indoors. Instead, utilize our outdoor space and dispose of cigarettes properly in appropriate containers. Those who smoke in our smoke-free cabins may be subject to a fine upon check out.


While our beach is a great location for swimming in the beautiful Lake Huron, there are no lifeguards on duty at any time. Swimming will be conducted at own risk. We strongly advise parents/guardians to supervise and maintain a close distance to any and all swimming children. Please also be aware of any and all boats that may be on the lake. Swimming near boats is dangerous. For the well being of yourself and your children, we recommend keeping a safe distance from any and all boats.


For the consideration of others utilizing our space (and the environment!), we urge all guests to be mindful of their trash and waste in common areas; including the sundeck, beach, fire pit, and picnic tables. While we allow food and drinks on the sundeck and in other locations on our property, guests are advised to dispose of all trash properly in the provided receptacles. Cigarettes are to be put out in provided ashtrays, and all cans, bottles, or other food containers should be disposed of in trash bins.

Personal Property

Smith's Pine Haven Resort and its owners are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. It is the responsibility of the guest to properly store and lock up personal property. When leaving our beach or other common areas, we urge guests to make sure all personal property is removed from the beach/common areas and brought into your cabin to prevent such items from being lost or stolen.

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